Beekeeping Tips for May

  1. No medicating this month.
  2. The honey flow continues and chances of swarming continue. Be sure there is enough room below the queen excluder for egg laying. Check for swarm cells.
  3. Check supers at least weekly. Do not wait until one is full of honey before adding another super either above or below the full super, unless you are doing comb honey such as Ross Rounds, Basswood box, or chunk honey. If you have questions about supering, be sure to attend the May meeting.
  4. Only put comb honey supers on strong hives.
  5. If bees are making honey, leave the brood box alone.
  6. New colonies can be started in May. Package bees are also available in May.
  7. Continue to feed package bees and nucs. Use entrance reducers to prevent robbing when your bee yard has both established colonies and nucs or packages.
  8. Plan ahead and be sure to have the necessary supplies and containers for extracting honey. Order containers and labels as necessary for your honey crop.
  9. Some supers may already be full of honey. Honey may be extracted from these supers and the empty frames can be returned to the hive to be refilled.