Beekeeping Tips for December

  1. Check to make sure that bees have enough honey stores and feed if necessary.
  2. Make sure beehives are well ballasted for winter windy conditions. Provide wind break from cold north winds.
  3. If your hives are in a windy, exposed area, consider adding a weight to the top of the hive to prevent it from being blown over. Or, you could use a strap to hold the hive securely together which would protect it from critters and bad winter weather.
  4. Make sure that all parts of the hive fit snugly together to keep out drafts so that the bees donʼt have to expend energy in filling gaps with propolis.
  5. Check to make sure that moth crystals (paradichlorobenzene) in stored supers havenʼt evaporated. Add more if necessary.
  6. Clean away old drones ejected from the hive.
  7. Make sure the mouse guard is still in place.