Beekeeping Tips for October

  1. Check for varroa and treat if needed. Be sure to check and see if you have a mite problem before and after treating your bees.
  2. Complete medicating hives this month.
  3. Check honey supply. If fewer than two frames of honey in the brood box, feed two parts sugar to one part of water. Fall pollen and nectar should be available until frost.
  4. Remove queen excluders so bees can cluster as temperatures drop.
  5. This is also time to put entrance reducers on your hives.
  6. Combine weak hives to create strong hives to survive winter and fight SHB (small hive beetle).
  7. Keep your bee yard clean. Do not throw burr comb on ground. It attracts SHB.
  8. Face hive entrances toward south. Tilt hives so fall rains will run out of the hives.
  9. Check stored supers to assure that moth crystals have not evaporated. Add more if needed.
  10. Make holiday gifts using beeswax. Plan for next year. Order equipment now so assembling and painting can be done over winter.
  11. Order your queens for next spring.