Beekeeping Tips for September

  1. September is an important month for beekeepers. This month we should finish any extracting that has not been completed. Store cleaned supers carefully for the winter. We should also complete melting any wax cappings.
  2. This is also the time to make decisions about medicating. If bees are medicated in September then supers should not be on hives.
  3. Check and treat for varroa mites.
  4. Check for American Foulbrood and treat, if needed, with patties made of 1/3 lb. of Crisco, 2/3 lb. of sugar and 2 Tbs. of Terramycin. Each patty should weigh 1/2 lb. Use one patty per hive.
  5. Our area may have a short fall honey flow. Nectar from goldenrod and asters is available most years. Strong hives will store a surplus. Although with this yearʼs drought, this might not be true.
  6. September is also the month in which nucs to be overwintered can be started. A good five (5) frame nuc made during the first week of September will overwinter nicely and probably make a crop of honey in the spring.
  7. Examine hives carefully in September. Failing queens can be replaced now. Weak hives can be combined with strong hives.
  8. As in previous months continue to supply water and treat for fire ants.
  9. Continue to feed colonies or nucs if necessary.