The Mentor Committee wants to hear from you!

One of the club goals this year is to get our mentor program ramped up and running! We want to help new beekeepers become better beekeepers and then mentor other new club members.

We have set it up by location before and that works well for new members who might need more site visits.

We also have DCBA members who are branching off into different areas of beekeeping and becoming more advanced in certain areas. It would be great to be able to identify mentors for club members who are trying to branch out themselves in their beekeeping. Some of those topics might be queen rearing, equipment construction, bee removal and cutouts, trap-out type bee removal, honey sales, etc.

We should all be able to learn from each other, no matter your age or level of experience!

The goal of the mentor committee is truly to get a network of beekeepers connected to each other to help, inform and teach. Part of reaching that goal will be to have time for mentors/mentees to get together and ask questions, whether it's in a forum, or in-person get togethers, or both.

If you need a mentor, want to be a mentor, have an area of expertise you want to share with others, or want to be part of the committee, get with Michelle. Call me, text me, beep me anytime at or (940) 231-6831 or catch me at the February club meeting.

Let me know your preferences on communicating with other club members. Let's get rolling in 2018 and teach the community about bees and beekeeping!



3 thoughts on “The Mentor Committee wants to hear from you!

  1. My husband and I have ordered hives to put on property in East Texas. We live in Denton County and want to join your group but were unable to attend your Feb meeting. We would love a mentor to help us so we could ask questions through our first year!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    My name is Cindy Kraus. I am new to bee keeping, and I am interested in setting up a couple of bee hives. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the meeting & workshop next week due to a prior commitment. I would like to meet up with a mentor. Thank you in advance for your help.
    Cell: 469-446-8839

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